Opportunities to improve your skills so you can use the internet with confidence to save money, find a job, get information, join a club, manage your bank account, talk to other people… or whatever else!

Listed here are:

  • booked courses – these last more than one session. In some cases, you might get a certificate at the end.
  • booked sessions – one-off sessions booked in advance
  • drop-in sessions – first-come first-served sessions

Both courses and sessions are delivered by someone who has been trained to help you with the skills you want to learn. Computers are provided by the venue, or you can choose to bring your own device instead – mobile, laptop or tablet.

All opportunities are free, unless otherwise stated and they are updated fortnightly by Digital Gwynedd.

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You searched for courses/sessions, with the following selection options:
Course/session activity types - Booked course
Course/session skills levels - Advanced learner, Basic internet skills, Beginners, Digital champion training, Mixed ability
Course/session themes - Computers and Internet, Health and Wellbeing, Jobs and Work, Leisure and Hobbies
Course/session skills - Managing information online e.g. searching, Communicating online e.g. email, Transacting online e.g. shopping, Problem solving online e.g. how to videos, Creating online e.g. application forms, photos, Literacy, Numeracy, English language skills
Days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

No courses found.

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